Blogs and Newsletters That Get You More Legal Clients

Blogs and Newsletters for Law Firm MarketingEducation-based marketing answers your potential clients’ questions, but also makes them understand that you are the authority on how to solve their legal problem.

Once your prospective clients realizes you can help them, there is no reason for them to continue searching for legal services elsewhere.  You have become their logical choice.

Newsletters are designed to stay in front of your clients, and prospects, by providing useful information without selling to them all the time.  This is done either by mailing a hard copy newsletter, or emailing the newsletter, to your list.  By emailing, you are able to look at specific metrics like open rates, bounce rates, etc., so you can track and test your newsletters easily.

With blogs, which are integrated within your website, you are constantly bringing clients, colleagues and prospects back to your website and stay engaged with your firm.  By offering tips, updates and other new information that they may be interested in, your firm will remain at the top of their mind.  Blogs will also improve your rankings in the search engines, because a website that is constantly updating with new content is more relevant to search results.

Both newsletters and blogs work together in helping provide valuable content to your audience, which educates them on how to find the best attorney to handle their problem.  They also help build your credibility as being an expert and trusted advisor in your practice field.  Once you have educated them and established your authority, keeping them engaged will help them to remember to do business with you when the time comes that they need you.

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