Make Your Legal Holds More Accurate and Defensible for Litigation

Legal Hold for Litigation by CopyScan TechnologiesAutomated Legal Hold Technology Easily Replaces Slow, Error-Prone Manual Processes.

All too often, litigation teams use spreadsheets, email read receipts or outdated methods like certified mail to track legal hold notices and compliance.  These manual processes are slow and waste too much of your employee’s time to create and maintain properly.  They are also susceptible to human error, which exposes your organization to too much risk that is easy to eliminate.

Worse yet, what might happen if your opponent asserts that you have lost, destroyed or withheld any evidence?  Are you prepared to respond by demonstrating exactly when you issued legal holds, who has received them and what became of the evidence in the recipient’s custody?  It’s important for in-house litigation departments to respond with confidence, because it is common that corporate attorneys need to defend their processes around who they put on hold, what was discussed with custodians and how or when they monitored their custodian’s compliance.


How much time does your team spend dealing with Legal Holds?  If you could free up a significant amount of that time, what is the value to your organization for those hours?  Our Legal Hold software tools are simply more efficient and effective than outdated manual processes, and empowers users to issue litigation holds by themselves, with pre-approved language, within minutes.  The software asks custodians to affirmatively acknowledge their obligations under the hold.  It can also report on compliance rates and automatically trigger follow-up notices to custodians as needed.

Technology also helps provide a defensible “audit” by automatically documenting when each custodian was added to or released from a hold, when each custodian was interviewed, and when files were collected.  Detailed hold histories show all revisions of a hold and confirm when custodians have received them.  The easy-to-use comprehensive reports provide up-to-date information about every active hold and custodian information at a single glance.  This level of proof significantly enhances the defensibility of your legal hold process while saving time, improving employee productivity, and mitigating the risk of inadvertent spoliation.

FRCP 37(e) obligates organizations to take reasonable steps to preserve ESI at the instant a party “reasonably anticipates” litigation or any other type of formal dispute.  After a triggering event that causes concern for possible litigation, it is imperative that the party immediately take steps to suspend any and all activities that could potentially alter or delete information that must be preserved, including those that occur in the normal course of business – such as halting the automated deletion of email archives according to retention schedules and requirements.  This is because the ultimate goal of preserving information is to ensure that the information’s evidentiary integrity is maintained for potential use in the case.  Automation ensures tracking and communication are auditable and defensible.


With our Legal Hold System, you can create a defensible, cost-effective, and efficient legal hold and data preservation process.  You’ll be able to:

ISSUE HOLDS when the need arises. You can create a matter, import custodians and issue a hold in a matter of minutes, while keeping the entire process defensible.

MANAGE CUSTODIANS without the need for cumbersome spreadsheets. Users can create custodians in seconds or import an existing list and have a hold issued in minutes.


STATUS REPORTING on all your matters and updates are shown in real time for your response to notices, questionnaires completed, custodians held and released.

INTEGRATION is seamless with Microsoft Active Directory and Citrix Sharefile for an optimized work flow.  You can access important documentation easily and share files and reports throughout your organization.

QUALITY CONTROL is easy by simply sending test notices and questionnaires to designated personnel for approval, prior to distributing the actual notice.

SPEED & POWER of the system enables you to instantly access your data, send notices and access records with no latency and plenty of shortcuts.

CUSTODIAN MASTER LIST allows you to instantly see each custodian’s legal hold status, including how many holds they are under, which holds, and how long they have been under litigation hold.  You can easily release and hold an individual, or all custodians, from one or all holds with one click.

REPORTING TOOLS such as filtering, field selection and ordering, and one click export tools (excel/csv/pdf/print) allow you to access the hold records in the format you need them.

SIMPLE AFFORDABLE PRICING for corporate clients.  You get unlimited users, holds, custodians,  notices, questionnaires and all features for one fixed annual rate.

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