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Document Copying Scanning and Duplicating by CopyScan TechnologiesWe Understand Document Scanning.

In addition to our eDiscovery solutions, CopyScan Technologies’ Litigation Support portfolio also includes Document Scanning and Imaging of the Paper Discovery, Electronic Bates Numbering, Document Coding and Indexing and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).  The equipment and software that we use is designed specifically for use in litigation for Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments and Government Agencies.

Litigation Scanning, or Paper Document Conversion, combined with the right legal technology, has provided attorneys with the power to intelligently search through voluminous amounts of documents in a powerful and efficient way.  With our experienced team, we’re equipped to help you with any size project on a small or large scale.

We can make an exact duplicate of the paper documents in digital format by maintaining “the relationships” of your documents, showing all page breaks for each staple, clip, binder or just loose pages.  After scanning, the documents will be stapled or clipped back exactly as originally, and put back into file folders or notebooks, so we can maintain the integrity of the original documents.  The images are automatically captured as black & white or color, and by exact size.  Our system also detects double-sided pages and scans both sides of the pages at the same time to guarantee nothing gets missed.  Of course, our two-step quality control process ensures that two different operators have checked your project for any errors in the scanning process.

Not only does scanning litigation documents save space in your law firm, prevent you from misplacing a file and make the documents portable and easily accessible, imaging also improves the security of your client’s documents from ever getting lost or stolen and falling into the wrong hands.

We have the ability to pick up your documents from your firm or opposing counsel, and scan them in our own secure and confidential facility, or bring our portable scanning equipment and personnel to some other location and do the project on-site.

We can apply electronic bates numbering with custom prefixes and suffixes to the document image.  We can also endorse documents with custom headers and footers for use in labeling the words “Confidential” or for apply exhibit numbers.  Our two-step quality control process checks for duplication or gaps in the numbering, so you can rest assured that your project has been numbered correctly.

Once the documents have been scanned, they can also be made text searchable through our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine.  This is a cost-effective supplement to document coding.  The accuracy of the OCR is based on the quality and clarity of the original documents being scanned.  It generally works with about 98% accuracy.  This speeds up the ability to search for what document(s) you are looking for.

Instead of simply providing you a list of the documents that have been scanned, our coding experts can code the documents for you based on your specifications. Our standard coding project consists of the following five basic fields: Docdate, Doctype, Doctitle, Author and Recipient. However, based on the needs of your case, we can code the documents any way you need. This process can be automated if the scanned documents are loaded into our all-in-one electronic discovery system, because they become searchable and the software reads what is being imported.

Upon completion, we’ll provide the images to you as either a PDF file or “load ready” TIFF files on a flash-drive, portable hard-drive or CD.  If you prefer, our trained technicians can transfer the digital files to you through our secure FTP portal.

The digital documents can also be uploaded directly to our easy state-of-the-art eDiscovery platform for your review, along with any native digital data collected from emails, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files and other file types.  This creates organization in your documents because all imaged data and electronic data can be merged into one consolidated, fully searchable database.

The next time you need documents scanned for discovery, reach out to our customer support team at CopyScan Technologies.  You’ll be glad you did!

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