Scanning, Imaging and Digitizing for Corporate Legal Departments

Document Scanning and Imaging by CopyScan TechnologiesWe’ve been Scanning, Imaging and Digitizing Legal Files, Medical Charts and Corporate Records since 1995, and have become the trusted go-to source for Law Firms, Medical Service Providers, Corporations, Corporate Legal Departments and Government Agencies throughout the U.S.  When it comes to Paper Conversion and Media Digitizing services, we’re experts at what we do.  There’s no project that’s too big or too small!

By converting everything to a digital file, you are able to preserve the records forever against natural disasters like hurricanes, floods or fire.  You’ll get rid of unnecessary storage space and save money.  You’ll also be able to organize your records more efficiently and securely, so you can find them quickly when you need them.  Digital files can easily be shared and transfered electronically.

Once the paper and other media is scanned and digitized, we can provide you the files back in various ways; CD/DVD, Thumb-Drive, Portable Hard-Drive or Secure File Transfer with our FTP Portal.


Our Scanning, Imaging and Digitzing services include:

Archive Scanning: Whether it’s Backfile Scanning or Day-Forward Scanning, we’ll customize a conversion process that meets your needs and your budget.

Law Firm Scanning:  We can transfer old case files and firm records from your warehouse into a digital format for archiving.  We can also scan current case files for litigation.

Medical Records Imaging:  We can easily convert you paper patient files and charts, plus medical films, to Electronic Medical Records.  Everything we do is compliant with HIPAA / HITECH, which means you don’t have to worry about document security or confidentiality.

Government Records Scanning and Imaging:  We can help government agencies and departments boost efficiency and reduce budgets by decreasing their use of hardcopy documents.  We make their information searchable, usable and shareable securely and confidentially.

Blueprint / Large Format Scanning:  We can scan just about any size document in Black & White or Color.  We scan engineering drawings size for size, in high definition, which means they are accurate for measuring to scale and can be printed later if needed.

Audio / Video Transfer: Our technicians can transfer outdated Audio and Video Tape to a Digital Format that can be played back on any computer or CD/DVD player.

X-Ray / MRI Film to Digital:  We can image your medical films to a DICOM format in our state-of-the-art medical equipment, and give the files back with a licensed viewer software program that’s pre-installed for ease of use.

OCR Scanning:  We can convert your PDF files to a searchable format, or even text files that can be used in Word and Excel.

On-Site Scanning:  We understand that sometimes the documents can’t leave, so we’re available whenever you need us with our portable scanning equipment.

Scan and Shred:  Once your digital files have been successfully transferred to you, the original paper records can be destroyed.  You will be given a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of the shredding process.

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