Law Firm Records Scanning & Imaging

Law Firm Records Archive Scanning Imaging by CopyScan TechnologiesSpecifically Designed for Law Firms to Improve Efficiency, Increase Document Security and Enhance Client Relations.

Instead of wasting expensive office space that can be used for something else, or using a storage company that gets more expensive every year, we can help you with the transition of moving from paper-based archiving systems to a completely paper-less solution.

Our Secure and Confidential scanning process is designed to help law firms manage firm records and closed case files in the most cost-efficient and easiest way.  Instead of trying to do it yourself, and trying to deal with all the headaches of adding something else to your busy schedule, let our experts help design the best options for you;  we know a thing or two because we’ve been doing this since 1995.

Our approach is to complete the back-file imaging, then help you get set up going forward.  We can teach your staff best practices for day-forward scanning so you can do it yourself, or we can do it for you by having our technicians pick up records for scanning on a regular basis.  Either way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have any documents you need, and when you need them, instantly at your fingertips.

If we happen to have a file that you need, while we’re performing the scanning process, no worries!  We’ll scan that file right away if it’s not already done, and securely send it to you using our encrypted FTP system.  Or, if you’d prefer, we’ll deliver the paper file directly to you right away.  We understand that sometimes you need a file when you just can’t wait, so our internal inventory procedures are designed for that.

We can provide the data images back to you any way you’d like, whether it’s on CDs, Thumb Drives, Portable Hard-drives or through a Secure File Transfer.

Once the project has been completed, and the data files have been securely transferred to you, we can securely shred the physical files for your convenience.  We’ll hold the physical records for a reasonable time at no additional charge until you give us the go ahead to destroy them.  Once destroyed beyond recognition, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction guaranteeing the shredding has been done.


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