Legal Research That Is Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for Legal ResearchLeverage artificial intelligence to save time and money.

Our goal is to make you more efficient by leveraging technology to improve the way you do Legal Research.  You can upload any legal document, such as a brief, complaint, etc., and use it as the basis of your search.  This gets you search results that are automatically tailored to the facts, legal issues, jurisdiction, and types of parties involved.

You’ll save a lot of time (about 200 hours per year on average) by leveraging the built-in artificial intelligence to help you find more cases that have similar facts, with the same legal issues, that are in your jurisdiction and that are about similar parties.  You can still research with key words and phrases like you’re used to, in additional to leveraging artificial intelligence technology.

You’ll also be able to cite with confidence, knowing the issues and treatment in a case all the way down to the word.

If you want to save money, save time AND find good case law that your opposing counsel isn’t finding, you can sign up and subscribe online with a credit card.

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