eDiscovery: Producing Relevant Electronic Data

What is eDiscovery?

Electronic Discovery, or “eDiscovery,” is the process of producing relevant electronically stored information (ESI) to another party in litigation.  Electronic Discovery refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a legal case.

Advances in technology have created an ever-expanding universe of ESI. Consider that:

• The world sends over 60 billion e-mails daily.
• 90% of all documents generated today are electronic.
• A single hard drive can store the equivalent of 40 million pages.

The process of legal discovery has become increasingly complicated and challenging due to the advent of digital technology.  Gone are the days of reading boxes and boxes of paper records in litigation. The memos and reports that once filled bankers boxes and filing cabinets have evolved into terabytes of data in electronic files in computers and exchange servers stored in the cloud, email accounts, thumb drives, compact discs (CDs / DVDs), smart phones, social media postings, as well as a myriad of other sources and devices that are all potentially “discoverable.” Because of continual advances in technology, Electronic Discovery has become a key component of the legal process.


How Can CopyScan Technologies Help?

With so much at stake during litigation, there is nothing that is more critical than an efficient eDiscovery process.  However, we also understand that technology can bring about new problems that only technology can solve. This can be a confusing process, and very difficult and expensive for a law firm to keep up with. We know that trying to keep up with the latest and greatest software, computers or methodology can take away from what you do best – practicing law.

No worries, let CopyScan Technologies’ state-of-the-art eDiscovery Department take care of that for you.  We can tailor-make an Electronic Data Discovery approach for you in these areas:



Data Collection.

Our forensic team of data technicians can collect the data from your client’s computer hard-drives and email systems, either in person or remotely. We can even collect text messages, photos and other documents from cell phones.  Everything is done securely, confidentially and performed in a manner as to not disturb the metadata, so we are sure the data will be useful as unaltered evidence.  Part of collecting data is the conversion of paper documents to digital images, which can be made searchable and imported into our data collection system.  This allows all documents to be kept organized in one system.  Our trained Customer Service Representatives can pick up boxes for scanning either at your law office or your client’s storage location.

Early Case Assessment.

CopyScan Technologies can cull the electronic data for you, dramatically improving your approach to data reduction. With an effective early case assessment with budgets and project estimates in advance, we can save your client a lot of expenses. Our system gives you vital insight into your case, which allows you to analyze risks and formulate your team’s winning strategy.



CopyScan Technologies can process your Electronically Stored Information (ESI), whether in a native format like Outlook, Word and Excel files, or just plain PDFs, and create “load-ready” files for use in your own review platform or ours. Thanks to our flexible and results-driven infrastructure, no project is too big or too small.


Hosting and Review.

Our scalable and efficient hosting and technology assisted review system, supported by our secure and confidential data center, help legal teams cull, search, tag, redact and review documents for production. This will help your team spend less time organizing documents and more time strategizing. Our advanced artificial intelligence helps you find the documents that you need in record time.


Managed Document Review.

Let our team at CopyScan Technologies help with your document review to save time and money. We provide a one-stop solution for professional, outsourced managed document review. By utilizing professional project scoping, tailored pre-screening and trusted protocols, CopyScan Technologies’ on-demand legal professionals are U.S. based attorneys who have worked across numerous case types, and are ready to assist with any size or type of document review.


Project Management.

At CopyScan Technologies, we believe that your project manager is a key member of your team.  We operate each project with a primary and secondary project manager. Our project management software helps keep your project manager up-to-date on project communications or any issues. Each one of our project managers has over a decade of experience in eDiscovery.



We can assist with litigation strategies, help draft ESI Orders/Requests, review any protocols, craft technical details for motions, affidavits and declarations, provide testimony, provide advanced analytics assistance and handle data investigations. CopyScan Technologies offers a full-service solution in providing pre-discovery strategy, consulting/testifying experts, and a fully cloud-based technology platform that is supported by experienced and dedicated project management. Our processes, procedures, and technology are based on years of industry experience of best practices and is tailored to provide our clients with the most informative and efficient method of discovery management.


Complementary Capabilities.

In addition to our eDiscovery solutions, CopyScan Technologies’ litigation support solutions portfolio features:


Practice Management.

Keep everything about your case organized and in one place; whether it’s email communications between your client and your team, storing important client documents (after eDiscovery) and keeping your client billing accurate and up to date.


Trial Presentation Services for the Courtroom.

We know that as an attorney, you can’t be bothered with pulling up document exhibits while in trial. We’ll do all that for you, and let you concentrate on managing your trial and creating your winning strategy.

We’ll take all the “smoking gun” digital documents that you have found using our eDiscovery system, and help build out your presentation for trial.


Automated Legal Hold System.

While you are going through litigation, your client may need to comply with a document hold order.  Our Legal Hold software helps make staff more productive, legal holds more accurate, and the entire process more defensible. All for peace of mind.

ISSUE HOLDS:  Eliminate the scramble to issue a hold when the need arises. You can create a matter, import custodians, and issue a hold in a matter of minutes, all while keeping the entire process defensible.

MANAGE CUSTODIANS:  Remove the need for cumbersome spreadsheets to manage your custodians. Users can create custodians in
seconds or import an existing list into and have a hold issued in minutes.

NOTICES & QUESTIONNAIRES:  Creating, issuing, and managing notices/questionnaires is as easy as writing an e-mail. These can also be saved as templates for reuse across your matters.

STATUS REPORTING:  Our system shows the status of all your matters and updates in real time. Response to notices, questionnaires
completed, custodians held and released are all presented to you through our intuitive interface.

INTEGRATION:  Our system seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and Citrix Sharefile for an optimized work
flow. You can access important documentation easily and share it throughout your organization.

QUALITY CONTROL:  Send test notices and questionnaires to designated personnel for approval prior to distributing the actual notice.

SPEED & POWER:  Whether you have one hold or one thousand, one custodian or thousands, you can instantly access your data,
send notices and access records with no latency and plenty of shortcuts.

CUSTODIAN MASTER LIST:  Instantly see each custodian’s hold status, including how many holds they are under, which holds, and how long they have been under hold. Release and hold an individual, or all custodians, from one or all holds in a snap.

REPORTING TOOLS:  Powerful tools such as filtering, field selection and ordering and one-click export tools (excel/csv/pdf/print) allow you to access the hold records in the format you need them.

SIMPLE AFFORDABLE PRICING:  For corporate clients, enjoy unlimited users, holds, custodians, notices, questionnaires and all features for one fixed annual rate.


Engage the eDiscovery Experts.

Contact CopyScan Technologies when you’re ready to explore a smart and seamless approach to eDiscovery. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your firm and how to identify ways to support you and your client’s goals around efficiency, document security and confidentiality.

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