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IPRO CopyScan Technologies

CopyScan Technologies uses the full IPRO Suite of software to provide Electronic Discovery Services to some of the top Law Firms in the United States.  From Early Case Assessment, to Processing, to Hosting and Review, CopyScan Technologies makes the most of these tools to help our clients manage the complexities associated with large amounts of data.

In addition to eDiscovery, CopyScan Technologies also uses eScan-It and Copy+ to process the still-used paper documents in discovery (Paper Discovery).  We Scan and Digitize the pages and create Load-Ready files for use in your (or our) review software.

Not only are we a user of IPRO, but we are a proud, certified reseller of the IPRO software suite, including the new IPRO Eclipse case management system. Experience the next generation of litigation support from CopyScan Technologies – the leading one-stop litigation document support company in South Florida.

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IPRO Eclipse CopyScan Technologies

IPRO Eclipse is a Discovery Management application that easily consolidates all the case files and data into a unified view. It includes functionality to address the capture, review, analysis, and production phases of the case. IPRO Eclipse was developed from the beginning to manage your multi-language (Unicode) files and large databases.

IPRO Build CopyScan Technologies

IPRO Build is the premier production application in the industry, designed to provide you with an extensive tool set for data manipulation of an imaged document collection. IPRO Build allows the creation of new collections, subsets, and renumbered sets of images. Produced sets of images can be endorsed with Bates numbers, messages, and redactions.

IPRO eCapture CopyScan Technologies

IPRO eCapture is a powerful, innovative e-discovery software designed to handle large projects with speed and scalability. The system is designed around a distributed, multi-threaded, and centralized management concept.

IPRO Copy Plus CopyScan Technologies

By creating both paper copies and document images in a single step, IPRO Copy+ brings great value to both entry-level and production-level copy operations.

IPRO eScan IT CopyScan Technologies

After considering the nature and basis of any dispute, parties involved must either produce data in the manner it was maintained, or in forms that are reasonably usable. Be prepared with IPRO’s eScan-IT software, a 3 in 1 desktop application used by the nation’s most influential law firms and corporations.

IPRO iNet CopyScan Technologies

IPRO iNet is a state-of-the art, 32-bit secure client/server program that allows access to image collections over local-area networks, wide-area networks, and the Internet. Because the data collection is maintained in one location, collaboration is greatly enhanced, increasing the efficiency and quality of document review.

IPRO iLabel Plus CopyScan Technologies

IPRO Label+ is an easy-to-use PC application that lets you quickly Bates label and print documents from your desktop using your office printer. This straightforward tool allows you to do your own labeling and turn jobs around immediately.

IPRO Premium Scan CopyScan Technologies

IPRO Premium Scan provides a flexible project setup function, multiple levels of security and access control, workflow tools to automate project management, and multiple quality control modules to analyze and detect issues before they become problems.

IPRO SaaS CopyScan Technologies

IPRO SaaS provides flexible Internet access to IPRO’s powerful e-discovery processing and first pass review software products eliminating the need for capital investment in equipment infrastructure. Pay for what you need, when you need it, and we manage the rest.

IPRO-View-CopyScan Technologies

Since 1989, IPRO View has continually set the standard for image viewers. By developing the tools, many of which are based on clients’ requirements and requests, IPRO Tech continues to lead the industry to help streamline the document review process. IPRO View has all the power, versatility and features so you can search, retrieve, issue tag, redact, and annotate images while reviewing.

IPRO Allegro CopyScan Technologies

IPRO Allegro is an early data assessment tool that provides law firms, corporate counsel and service providers early insight into the size, scope, and composition of data collections, empowering them to make informed case decisions before moving to the costly stages of e-discovery processing and review.

IPRO V Code CopyScan Technologies

IPRO V-Code is a code-from-image system that allows secure document coding over the Internet or a local-area network. The application is a process flow management system that controls the distribution of coding batches throughout the indexing process, including logical unitization, coding, QC, and data validation.

IPRO CodeIT CopyScan Technologies

IPRO Code-IT is a complete document coding management system for law firms and corporate legal departments. The system manages workflow and document distribution from requirements definition and project setup to unitization, coding, quality control, and data validation.

IPRO iConvert CopyScan Technologies

IPRO IConvert is a free utility that converts industry standard load files to other formats and can process multiple conversions in one pass. IPRO IConvert also allows you to verify the integrity of image files and to use e-discovery reporting.

IPRO- Publish CopyScan Technologies

IPRO iPublish allows you to export document collections to CD, DVD, or external hard drive, providing portability and convenience. Using an integrated runtime viewer and database, the receiving party can then view the collection without loading data into a conventional database.

IPRO OCR CopyScan Technologies

IPRO’s OCR utility is an optical character recognition product that allows you to create a searchable text file from any IPRO supported image file format so you can search files by keyword, tag, and code.

IPRO Print CopyScan Technologies

IPRO Print is an application designed to allow large-volume, high-speed batch printing dedicated to scanned litigation images in a network environment. The IPRO Print module works in conjunction with IPRO View by freeing up your workstation for maximum productivity while print requests are sent off and managed elsewhere. Fast print speeds, numerous features, and remote printing capability make IPRO Print an essential component of any service bureau or law firm.

IPRO V Secure CopyScan Technologies

IPRO V-Secure is an add-on utility that can save money, time, and drive space while securing a network. Rather than using a costly file server as an image repository, IPRO V-Secure uses a high-end, high-capacity workstation. If you need more space to store more images, you can simply add hard drive space to the workstation.

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