Trial Presentation Services and Support

Trial Presentation Services by CopyScan TechnologiesNeed Help Creating Your Trial Presentation?

If you’re like many of the attorneys we work with, your expertise is in managing your trial, creating a winning strategy and preparing legal arguments to help your client – not in Trial Presentation Technology.

When you choose CopyScan Technologies for trial presentation exhibits, support and other services, you’ll leverage a team of experienced trial professionals and advanced courtroom technology to create and deliver your multimedia presentations and trial exhibits.

As a valuable member of you litigation team, our technicians provide strategic support and expertise in preparation for your trial presentation.  We help you organize the evidence, prepare your exhibits and create video clips.  We also work with you to determine and design custom visual flow plans, so you can get the maximum impact from explaining your case in the courtroom.

Our pre-trial services include video encoding and video synchronization, color imaging, document coding, OCR and database management.  Our trial presentation service consists of hot-seat operation using our digital trial technology and equipment to display all of your trial documents, photos, deposition testimonies, demonstratives and videos.  Our typical full-setup of presentation equipment includes a laptop, backup laptop, projector, screen, ELMO document camera, switches and external speakers.

By using our innovative courtroom presentation software, our technician can manipulate your exhibits in real time for you during your presentation to help facilitate dynamic adjustments to your approach.  We can help you create powerful responses to your opposition in the following ways:

  • Zooming in on photos and documents to enlarge key visual elements and key text
  • Highlighting key sections of documents to further accent key language
  • Synchronized video deposition to transcript text display

CopyScan Technologies’ trial support technicians provide the peace of mind you need to know that your trial presentation and exhibits will run smoothly as planned.


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