Data Processing for eDiscovery

Data Processing for eDiscovery Electronic Data Discovery by CopyScan TechnologiesWe Understand Data Processing.

The Data Processing phase of E-Discovery is an area where CopyScan Technologies can help you with tremendous costs savings, by using our all-in-one solution.  With our system, there’s no more needing to move data from one platform to another like others require.  This is because we use one distributing processing engine to coordinate file and metadata extraction, imaging, endorsing, branding and OCRing across multiple network servers at the same time.  By leveraging the resources of an entire network to balance the total processing load, we can process the data faster and keep the costs down to a minimum.

We can process your Electronically Stored Information (ESI), whether in a native format like Outlook, Word and Excel files or just plain PDFs.  We’ll extract the emails with attachments and all metadata, then create TIFF / PDF conversions.  We can create Load Files if you are using your own review tool instead of ours. We can even scan any paper records and process the images as well.

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