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Search Engine Marketing for Law FirmsSearch Engine Optimization and Advertising is more difficult and restrictive for law firms, since there are Bar Advertising Rules & Ethical Regulations to follow.

The first thing that needs to be done is to build the right website that is designed with the search engines in mind.  That way, your website will actually work for you 24/7 and bring you more leads.

If you already have a website, one of our SEO experts can review and access it for the overall look, speed, content and keywords used, so we can create a custom program to help you maximize your visibility with the search engines.  Once the website is up to speed, strategies, techniques and tactics can be applied to improve it’s rankings placement in the organic (FREE) search results.  This sustainable strategy will provide a huge cost advantage to your marketing program and create more brand awareness to your firm, ultimately driving more traffic and increasing your number of new leads.

Once you have an optimized website, the next step is to use paid advertising on the search engines through Pay-Per-Click campaigns.  This puts your firm at the top of the list on the search engine results pages.  This strategy targets a specific group of “ideal” clients that may be searching for legal services from your type of law practice.  Because you have control in managing how your website is being searched for and found, you can ensure that your site is getting in front of the right people that need you.

With both of these strategies, we understand that you need to be compliant with the Rules of Professional Conduct – you won’t need to worry about violating any ethics rules.


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