OCR Scanning for Litigation Documents

We Make Your Litigation Documents Smarter…

When you have the litigation support professionals at CopyScan Technologies digitize your documents and files, you have the option of selecting our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) service.  Not only will you receive your scanned files in an electronic format, with OCR processing, your documents are converted to a fully text-searchable PDF image.

If you prefer TIFF images, which may be required by some document management software systems, we can create text files with your TIFF images and load files for uploading for electronic discovery.

You can also choose to have your scanned files converted into Microsoft Word® documents, which allows you to have full editing capabilities after your documents have been imaged. The quality of the OCR process is dependent on the quality of the original paper documents; which means that if the printing on it is crisp, then it will convert very accurately. However, if the document is a copy of a copy of a copy or a blurry original, it will not OCR well.  Handwriting does not convert well, but typewritten text does.  Either way, OCRing a document saves a lot of time retyping with minimal corrections.