Opposing Counsel Service

Opposing Counsel Litigation Support by CopyScan TechnologiesWe’re a Neutral Third Party When it Comes to Litigation Support Services.

Many of our clients turn to us at CopyScan Technologies for assistance with getting the discovery documents they need from the opposing counsel.

We have heard more than a few stories over the years, that are tied to the opposing counsel:

• where the quality of the scanned images was apparently not a top priority

• where the request for documents went unanswered until the final hour

• where they were charging expensive “firm to firm” prices, which can run up your client’s legal bills tremendously

Fortunately, we are recognized in the legal community as a neutral third party.  You would simply need to make arrangements with the opposing counsel for us to pick up the documents, whether in paper format or electronic format.  We would scan the paper and process the electronic data files according to your instructions, return the original documents to the opposing counsel, and deliver the your documents to you either on a CD, USB or portable hard drive.   If you prefer, we can upload the files securely to you through our encrypted FTP portal.  We can also load the files directly to our eDiscovery system for your review.

We can also deliver your production to Opposing Counsel, and in any format that they need.  We can deliver text searchable PDFs, or “load ready” files for upload into their electronic discovery platform.

Call the experts at CopyScan Technologies to help you get documents from the opposing counsel – you’ll always know you will be receiving the highest quality work, get your documents on time and at the best price for your client.

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