Client Retention for Law Firms That Keeps Clients Coming Back

Client Retention Marketing for Law FirmsYour competitors’ mission is to Solicit, Seduce and Steal your clients away.

That’s why the biggest law firms have their own in-house marketing departments… that’s what marketing is all about.

In order for your clients to hire you, you need to be a great lawyer, but they also need to Know, Like and Trust that you.  However, to keep them, they need to Remember you over the marketing messages they are being bombarded with constantly.  This prevents them from even paying attention and looking at other options, even though they haven’t needed your services in a while.

Clients leave for many reasons, but the most common reason is because they feel like just a number and that you don’t care about them any more.  The kiss of death is to have your clients think that you have forgotten about them, because you only spend time trying to get new clients.  Client Retention is a form of marketing that cannot be neglected.  You can increase your firm’s revenue from the clients that you already have.

Without a system, many times a client has left and you won’t even know until it’s too late.  Our Client Retention system is customized to your law firm’s needs, and is automated so you don’t forget to build that needed client relationship.  This helps you stay at the top of their mind, and makes sure they never leave because they remember to do business with you and your law firm, instead of hiring someone else.

If clients leave, you’ll never grow your practice to where you want it to be – it’s like trying to fill a bucket full of water that has a leak in it.  Our experts will help you plug that hole in your bucket, so you can grow your law firm and have the lifestyle you want.


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