Data Collection for eDiscovery

We Understand Data Collection.

Our forensic data technicians can collect the data from computer hard-drives and email systems, either in person or remotely. We can even collect text messages, photos and other documents from their cell phone. All work is securely, confidentially and forensically performed in a manner as to not disturb the metadata, so the data will be useful as unaltered evidence.

Without the help of certified forensic experts, the use of the right legal technology, and knowledge of best practices,  you may neglect to identify potentially responsive data and key documents that are needed to establish your claim or defense.  We’ll manage the custodians during the collection process, while maintaining the integrity of data and metadata.  This prevents evidence spoliation because our collection methodologies are verifiable and forensically sound.

We verify that the ESI obtained during our collection process is identical to the original data set through a computerized process.  We also document and track our processes with a detailed chain of custody.  Once that is done, we create a forensic backup of all collected data prior to any examination, and store the ESI in a highly secure environment.

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