Social Media Collection for eDiscovery

Social Media by CopyScan TechnologiesWe Understand Social Media Collection.

Social Media Collection is a lot more than taking screen shots and printing them.  Yes, social media evidence is very relevant to most legal disputes and is broadly discoverable, but there are some challenges in evidentiary authentication without the use of the right technology along with best practices.

Preserving metadata is not possible through image capture or printouts, which is why that method of collection is not consistent to being done in a legally defensive manner.

Our industry-leading Social Media Collection system is now available as an affordable, cloud-based solution.  This on-demand solution quickly lets you search, collect, highlight and preview social media posts while preserving critical metadata and preserving the chain of custody.  This allows you to save hours of time in Social Media investigations with workflow and methods that are legally defensible.

Now you can maintain data in a searchable native format, from collection through production, that can be aggregated for sorting, tagging and exporting into any standard eDiscovery platform.  At CopyScan Technologies, we can upload the data directly into our E-Discovery system and make the data available for your review.

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