Government Records Scanning and Imaging

Government Records Scanning Imaging by CopyScan TechnologiesWe Understand Government Records Scanning.

Since 1995, we’ve been working with City, County, State and Federal government agencies and departments to help decrease their use of hardcopy documents.  Through document imaging, we have made their information searchable, usable and sharable.

Many government agencies are trying to become more efficient with tighter budgets, so they must deploy paperless technologies and outsource scanning services wherever possible.  They need to convert their backfiles into electronic formats to free up real estate used for storage and preserve the records before they fade and become unreadable, especially those records they need in order to meet regulatory requirements to remain in compliance.  These documents also need to be accessible, even if they are in permanent archiving.  Imaging the records also helps meet environmental sustainability goals by reducing paper, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

That’s why they turn to the experts at CopyScan Technologies to digitize their documents.  We’ll pick up the boxes directly from your storage location, and bring them to our secure and confidential production facility for prepping and scanning.  We’ll deliver the data files either on CD’s or DVDs, USB drives or portable hard-drives.  We can also upload the files directly to your secure server if you prefer.  Once the project has been completed and the files are successfully delivered to your IT department, we can either deliver back the original paper records or hold them temporarily for secure destruction – it’s up to you.

If you need access to files that we have already picked up, we’ll gladly securely transfer the digital file to you through or secure FTP portal, or simply deliver the original paper file to you quickly.  Our inventory systems is designed and set up for when our clients need a file back.  We’ll pick it back up when you’re done and check it back in to our inventory.

If you prefer scanning at your facility, we have a team devoted to on-site scanning.  We can bring our portable equipment, and personnel, to any location and set up a scanning operation on-site.

For Document Conversion Services, we typically prep the pages by removing staples, index each file by folder name, and scan the files into searchable multiple-page PDFs.

For Litigation Department Support Services, we typically scan each stapled or clipped section as it’s own PDF to maintain document relationships, and re-staple and re-clip each document the same as it was originally.  We ahve the ability to upload the images into our own electronic discovery platform, or create “load ready” files for importing into your eDiscovery system.

Call the experts at CopyScan Technologies when you need a tailored solution for Government Records Scanning.  

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