X-Ray and MRI Films to DICOM

Get Your X-Ray / MRI Films Converted to DICOMs STAT at CopyScan Technologies.


x-ray film

Digital Scanning of X-Ray/MRI Films to a DICOM format is a highly-technical process that requires hours of training and experience and specialized medical equipment.  CopyScan Technologies’ technicians adhere to the highest legal and medical image production standards and undergo hours of specialized training to ensure your DICOM scans are only of the highest quality.

As the premier local provider of medical imaging duplication services, your electronic medical files can now be scanned, duplicated and processed faster than any other litigation document support company in South Florida; many of which use third-party vendors to complete your medical image scanning projects.

Why put your practice at risk for HIPAA violations you don’t even know about?  Use CopyScan Technologies for all your medical image scanning and duplication needs.




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