Matter Management Made Easy

Matter Management With Legal Practice ManagementYou can manage and track every aspect of your legal case in a single dashboard.

Create a “bird’s eye view” of your entire matter at any time, so you can stay abreast of vital information. You can also collaborate with your clients and legal team and keep track of who has done what and when.

Enforce accountability of your team by getting notifications when assigned tasks are not completed on time.  You can also tag, sort, filter and create sub-tasks.

Don’t worry about forgetting to bill for a case-related event – you can set up automatic billing with the matter-centered calendaring system.


You can access a log of all activities related to a specific matter, so you can have a documented history of who has done what and when. The Audit log gets you up to speed on each case, holds everyone on your team accountable and makes it easy to find any activities that you did not yet create a time entry.

Set up custom fields for each practice area and create an electronic intake form for different types of matters. This allows for automation and efficiency in creating custom letters and documents with a single click.

Limit user access to certain sections such as Billing and Accounting based on roles and privileges, and restrict user access on a per-Matter basis.

Filter matters by the practice area, responsible attorney, open date or other custom fields so you can dictate exactly what you want to see on your matter dashboard.  This helps you save time by efficiently managing your caseload at the click of a button.


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