Digital X-Ray and MRI to Film

Have X-Rays on DVDs, But Need Film? No Problem.  CopyScan Technologies Can Do It!



CopyScan Technologies understands the outcome of your medical trial depends on the quality of the evidence you present.

Recognized as the leading X-Ray Scanning provider for litigation clients in South Florida, CopyScan Technologies has the latest state-of-the-art medical image duplication equipment in-house, which keeps your firm HIPAA-Compliant.  At CopyScan Technologies, high quality X-Ray/MRI films can be printed from your digital files and ready for you the same day you call.

With over two decades of medical exhibit production experience, why would you trust your case-critical X-Ray/MRI films with a local vendor that uses a sub-contractor?

X-Ray/MRI Film Prints from your Digital Files:  A CopyScan Technologies exclusive!
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