Custom Trial Graphics

Custom Trial Graphics by CopyScan TechnologiesBring the Attention of the Jury to the Areas of Documents That You Need Them to Quickly and Fully Understand.

With more than two decades of exhibit trial exhibit excellence, CopyScan Technologies has long-term relationships with many top Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments and Trial Consulting Experts in South Florida — and across the nation.

Our graphic arts department can help you enhance your case strategy with visuals.  You can accentuate your arguments, present important memory points for lasting impressions and provide vivid imagery to capture and keep the interests of judges and juries.

Since there is a growing percentage of younger jurors in the national jury pool who are accustomed to learning visually, striking visuals will help communicate the details of information and tell your story.  If you have a demonstrative that needs to be converted digitally, or a conceptual idea that you would like to see come to life, our creative team has got you covered.

If you need help creating a PowerPoint presentation for your opening, closing or for teaching a complex technology to the jury, we can help.  Engaging and keeping the interest of your viewers can help win your case.

Our Trial Graphics capabilities include:

  • High resolution, 16 million-color presentations
  • Documents with Excerpts/Callouts and Zoom in.
  • Highlighting key sections of documents
  • Graphs
  • Charts
  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Large format duplication from virtually any format, including video frames, custom-tailored to your specifications
  • X-Ray/MRI Trial Exhibits and Boards
  • Certified Medical Illustrations
  • Timelines
  • Documentaries
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • and much more…

At CopyScan Technologies, you can count on compelling visuals, quality trial graphic presentations and the very best customer experience in the litigation services industry.

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