Oversize Document Scanning for Litigation and Discovery

Scan and Image All Your Oversized Documents, Blueprints, Graphics and Photos for Litigation Securely and Confidentially!

When you have documents larger than 11 x 17 — whether a blueprint, engineering drawings, or enlargements of photographs, CopyScan Technologies fills all of your Large Format Scanning needs. This is just one of the many specialized litigation document services we offer.

Our in-house graphics department specializes in reproductions of technical drawings, sketches, and more, whether in full color or black & white!

Our most common sizes are 24×36 and 36×48, but we can Scan and duplicate pretty much anything you need, including 20 foot long EKG strips!

The Oversized Scans can even be printed later and mounted on a foam-core board to use as a trial exhibit.

No matter what size or format you need, CopyScan Technologies has the solution!


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