Managed Document Review for eDiscovery

Managed Document Review for eDiscovery Electronic Data Discovery by CopyScan TechnologiesWe Understand Managed Document Review.

When you outsource your litigation document review, you gain immediate access to experienced, U.S.-based, licensed contract attorneys who are accustomed to reviewing documents using the latest eDiscovery software.  This creates speed in the review process, all while maintaining accuracy, defensibility and managing costs.

With the explosion of data growth in recent times, there is an exponential growth in electronic evidence to review.  In addition, clients are demanding predictable and lower costs.  It’s no longer affordable, or even realistic, to burden in-house attorneys with mountains of data to review and still charge by the hour.  By using professional document reviewers,  your senior attorneys will have more time to focus on litigation strategy.

Our scalable Managed Review services are custom-tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your case.  Our typical team consists of a review director, a dedicated project manager, licensed attorney reviewers and checkers for quality control.  Our review lawyers and technology experts will work directly with your litigation team to develop customized review workflows that will get key documents to you sooner.  This is a huge strategic advantage for you legal team.

You’ll save a lot of time and money when reviewing cases with large data sets.  We provide a one-stop solution for professional, outsourced, managed document review. Through professional project scoping, tailored pre-screening, and trusted protocols, our on-demand legal professionals are U.S.-based attorneys who have worked across numerous case types, and are ready to assist for any size or type of document review. Our entire program is built on helping you meet your tightest court deadlines.

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