Intelligent Secure Emails That Save You Time

Intelligent Emails With Legal Practice ManagementManage case-related messages through your existing email account without clunky workarounds.

You can send sensitive documents securely though the encrypted email system, which keeps you in compliance with the American Bar Association, HIPAA and all other federal privacy laws and regulations.

Save time with automatic copying of an email to a Matter, which means you don’t need to CC staff that have access permission.

You’ll be able to prevent misaddressing of confidential messages, because you can find case-related contacts with ease.

You can also convert an email to a Task with a single click, which eliminates having to juggle multiple calendar systems.

Your Time Entry is automatically started while you are composing an email, and saved when the email is sent.  This keeps accurate records of your time, and PREVENTS YOU FROM UNDERBILLING.

The system does not replace your existing email account in Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Outlook Online or Gmail email provider.  It simply synchronizes with your existing email account, and organizes everything for you based on client matters.  Anything you do will still will be reflected in other applications, including replying, forwarding, deleting, moving, reporting as SPAM and flagging as important.  In other, words, it puts your existing email system on steroids!


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