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eDiscovery Services by CopyScan TechnologiesCopyScan Technologies’ Provides Beginning-to-End Expertise to Manage the eDiscovery Needs of Law Firms, Corporate Legal Departments and Government Agencies.

With so much at stake during litigation, there is nothing more critical than an efficient eDiscovery process. Our mission is to help you keep your costs down, yet help you provide the best service to your client during the discovery process.

There’s an explosion of electronically stored information (ESI) being produced in the world today in the form of emails, Word files, Excel files, presentations, photos, audio and video files, social medial files and the list goes on.

That’s where the experts at CopyScan Technologies can help you through each phase of the electronic data discovery lifecycle.  We’ll get the data and organize it for you, so your litigation team can start searching and reviewing documents right away.  With the right technology and support, you’ll be able to effectively manage and control your electronic discovery costs.


Our Full-Service E-Discovery services include:

Forensic Data Collection and Social Media Collection in a proven defensible manner.

Early Case Assessment to analyze your evidence and estimate your costs at the earliest stage of the discovery process.

Data Processing of the files to perform functions like removing duplicates, connecting emails with attachments, creating a searchable database and importing them into our review software in an organized fashion.

Data Hosting and Review solution that is fast, easy to use and cost-effective when reviewing native format files and scanned images.  Our web-based solution provides access to your documents at any time and from anywhere.

Managed Document Review for when you have a voluminous amount of documents to review in a short time.  You’ll maximize productivity and save costs without sacrificing results.

Project Management for when you have additional discovery to add and need technical help managing productions.

Document Production of your reviewed and tagged documents for opposing counsel.

E-Discovery Consulting when you need expert advice on pre-discovery strategy, ESI strategy and production strategy.

Paper Conversion for when you need paper discovery scanned and imported digitally into an electronic discovery system.


  • Our proven solution is scalable and secure, plus we have cost-effective and predictable pricing for your client.
  • We don’t charge a monthly user fee for each license – unlimited users.
  • Easy to use – minimal user training needed.  We’ll train your staff so they can get started quickly.


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