Google Optimizing Our eLives (editorial)

Google optimization

It was only a matter of time, when Google became more than a just a search engine with Gmail.  Of course, now you can find any information you want, about anything, including finding documents, researching case-law and anything else you can think of.  It can all be done in the matter of nanoseconds.

Optimized Lives?

When Google popped up in the 90s, the search engine was nothing more than a cool tool for the small I.T. crowd to keep close to their pocket protected vests.  Today, the Google Goliath is w-a-y beyond mainstream.  Google’s electronic tentacles are hooked into our telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, address books and news media to smartphones, iPads and laptops that make it all work.  Most people depend on Google to simplify their lives.  It’s amazing how the technological revolution has taken over and improved our society.

(editorial disclosure: this post reflects the personal opinion of its author; the views expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CopyScan Technologies, Inc., or its staff members).

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