X-Ray and MRI Film Duplication

X-Ray / MRI Film Duplication — Done Right Here!



CopyScan Technologies offers the most advanced technology in our X-Ray / MRI Film Duplication Department — right here at our Secure & Confidential location.

We can duplicate Film-to-Film, Scan to DICOM format or DICOM-to-Film in house. That means we can give you crystal clear copies of your X-Rays/MRIs on Film, on a CD/DVD or Flash Drive — without them ever leaving our secure facility.


Plus, our Self-Adjusting Processor is capable of reproducing your images in 4000 shades of gray, which means you’ll have the best available quality images.

We’ll process and transfer your X-Ray and MRI images to CD or DVD, fully formatted and loaded with an easy-to-use licensed DICOM viewer.  Since we’re locally-owned and fully compliant with Federal HIPAA and HITECH regulations, you will receive your duplicates with peace of mind that your practice is protected from HIPAA violations.

Explore all our medical image duplication services, including:

X-Ray-to-DICOM / Film-to-Film Duplication DICOM-to-Film Duplication

Our professional staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to fulfill your X-Ray/MRI duplication needs fast.

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