Scanning Paper Saves More Than Trees

scanning paper

Companies are working hard to make their operations environmentally friendly.

In some cases, the greening of a business requires major investments in new equipment, tweaking manufacturing procedures and updating internal processes.  But one way to make a big impact in your quest to go green is much easier (and cheaper) than you might think.  And it all starts at your desk.

Secure Paper Shredding & Scanning: Small Investment, Big Impact

It seems that paper drives businesses.  No matter how well the Internet and computer software helps you find and use information, for most people, there is no way around your paper stack; and it’s difficult to change habits.  However, managing your documents with a secure document work flow can save your company time and money.

“That sounds really complicated. What is a secure document work-flow?”

An efficient office runs like a well-oiled machine.  But paper clogs the engine.  Simply put, a secure document work-flow gives your paper an I.Q.  Smart paper means it’s working for you; not piling up and waiting to create a compliance issue or chore for an administrative assistant.  Don’t worry, there is a solution, and it’s as easy as finding the right document management provider in your area.

Manage the Paper Life Cycle, Not the Process.

Paper shredding companies are common in metropolitan areas.  While not usually a core need in your everyday business operations, Graphics design companies are pretty easy to find.  Paper scanning companies, however, can require a little more time to locate.  Imagine having all three services combined into one simple paper life cycle partner; now you know what a secure document work flow is.

A single source document provider manages the entire life cycle of your litigation documents.  Once a document is created, your provider can scan and index it any way you like so it’s easy to find.  That image can then be hosted on a secure server that you control, so your desktop computer or other data storage has a back-up that you can access securely over the Internet anytime and anyplace you like.  Once your paper document is scanned, your single-source provider can shred it in a way that makes it impossible to recognize.  After your documents have been shredded, the document management provider recycles your paper remnants.

When you have access to a local document work flow management provider, your paper works for you.  No more piles or cabinets to manage, no worries about document retention concerns, no need to manage multiple vendors.  Your paper management process just works like the well-oiled machine your office will resemble.

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